A downloadable game for Windows

Mainlining is a new take on the traditional point and click adventure. The entire game takes place on the simulated desktop of the protagonist's computer. Assuming the role of an MI7 agent, the player must use their skill and cunning to gather evidence by hacking suspects' computers and phones.

As an MI7 operative your primary objective is to ensure the perpetrator's arrest and that the courts have sufficient evidence to hand out the longest custodial sentences possible. However, you'll also have to make judgements on whether the case your working on is complete. Move in too quickly and you may miss leads linking your case to much higher profile cyber-criminals. Act too slowly and your suspect may uncover you and escape. In excess of 500 known criminals are known to operate within your jurisdiction, who will you arrest?

Mainlining is "coming soon" to Steam, be sure to visit the game's Steam store page

Make sure you head off and join the Mainlining community hub on Steam too for all the latest updates and chat with other fans of the game.

Mainlining is developed by new indie studio Rebelephant be sure to give their site a visit and if you want to follow designer and coder, Sam Read, on twitter.


Mainlining_0.1.6 (214 MB)


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Looks really cewl! I almost bought it from GOG until i realized it's Windows only :( Any plans on releasing a multiplatform version?

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So i bought the game on GOG anyway hoping it to be released for mac soon. Tho i got it working on Mac for now :)

What i did is use innoextract to get the gamefiles from GOG's installer and wine to run the game. Both tools can be installed easily with Homebrew. Enter the following commands from terminal to do so:

brew update
brew install innoextract
brew install wine

After that is installed you can use the following command to extract the installer (Please note that the actual installer's filename could be different):

innoextract setup_mainlining_1.0.02_\(9587\).exe

Cd into the extracted folder and then the 'app' folder where the game files are located in and enter:

wine MainliningGame.exe

Have fun ;)

Above steps (except for the Brew part) probably also work on a linux machine. Tools like Wineskin or the likes may make things easier but above steps feels natural to me since i'm a terminal fan/nerdboy.

How do you save? I would like to know...

I messed around with it after this recording, but I couldn't get saving to work...

Here's the video:

Pretty cool game. I wish the command line was a little more in depth, like tab completion, up-arrow to reuse more command, more in depth hacking, etc. The tracking down evidence is a great idea and satisfying nailing the right guy,

I will pay any price to get the finished product

Loved it! Wish there was more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

I found the game to be JUST frustrating enough to make me feel like I really had been thrown into a late-90's, clandestine government organization tasked to find kek-peddling hackers though the interwebs with next to no training. Humorous little parts evoked a weird mixture of both nostalgia and cringe (aka dial-up modems, cheesy HTML websites)- just the way I remember it! Looking forward to more!

I think I have a really good idea right here! How do you guys think of adding new themes, for example, Linux? Linux looks more realistic since I think most of security agencies use Linux or something like that.

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Good game.


The game wasn't compatible with my laptop because I wasn't able to scroll. But I love the concept.

Really sorry about this Princess, we are looking to get the click'n'drag scroll in asap!

The game is very fun, although sometimes you feel a bit stumped. Like getting the maps application or anything to do after some of it. Also the texting just sort of stopped?
I noticed you have a lot more text in one of your screenshots and I never got to see any of that before I'd won.

Either way, that was incredibly fun, I like the use of visuals and sound and it was pretty easy to get used to everything.

Hey glxtch, we are still fine tuning the gameplay so comments like this a really helpful. If you found the maps application you are the first one haha, not meant to find it until Case 2 which isn't featured in the teaser! Thanks for playing.

Making new language is possible?

currently not really, but on our kick starter there is a stretch goal for more languages, hopefully we can get there and support a lot more regions!